Project Production

With years of experience combined with the latest state-of-the-art 3D drafting and modeling; the LCG Facades team can engineer and detail all of the interface issues for any given project. Our software overlays traditional Auto Cad details and can analyze the curtain wall for load bearing characteristics and can then provide cost estimates that are monitored throughout the design process.

Managing Your Project
The LCG Project Management Team leads design development, production engineering, fabrication and assembly, and field installation. LCG Facades empowers its project management teams to make adjustments at any phase in the process to save time and money, which benefits the entire project.

Scheduling Your Project
LCG Facades uses the latest scheduling and manpower management software to assist you in developing the right schedule for your project. We can evaluate your schedule and insert our schedule over yours to fill holes that will help expedite the finished project.

Lean Production
LCG Facades utilizes Lean Manufacturing policies and procedures, which enables our production to meet the project site schedules. When the site direction changes we can respond to those changes quickly and keep the material flowing to the project with “just-in-time” deliveries. We have extensive experience working on tight project sites and the “just-in-time deliveries” keep the need for site lay-down areas at a minimum and avoid damage.