Design Build

Project success depends on partners. Partners that will collaborate and invent, defining issues and resolving them. Bringing real energy saving solutions to the entire exterior facade. Partners that will hang in there with you when the decisions get tough and the time lines get short.

LCG Facades is that Partner. Our approach is one that draws from our team’s unique, individual experience. Collaborating in a creative environment and strengthening the design process. Allowing innovative ideas and value engineering to flourish.

From the first design meeting, until long after installation, LCG Facades is your partner. In the end, making your life a little easier, your project more elegant, and your profit a little bigger.

For the majority of our projects LCG Facades engineering team develops submittal drawings and perform computer generated structural engineering analyses. The LCG team ensures the proper balance between the project’s budget and scheduling needs and excels at finite element analysis.

BIM Technology
BIM (Building Information Modeling) provides digitally readable models that provide integrated capability for analysis, conflict resolution and faster construction. LCG Facades is ready with the latest technology and training and have aligned ourselves with companies that have BIM product models.

LEED Compliant
LCG Facades is sensitive to the impact our material have on the environment. We encourage sustainable designs and “Rainscreen” applications. We work with companies that supply material with recycled content and minimize the release of VOC’s into the environment. We are leading the way with new technologies that will actually be energy producing rather than energy consuming

Optimizing Your Project
The LCG engineering team uses the latest in optimization software that overlays traditional Auto Cad details and analyzes the curtain wall for load bearing characteristics then optimizes the individual curtain wall parts and feeds this information directly to computerized saws for precision cutting.

Interface Solutions
The small space between one material and another can be the most important space on the project. Proper interface design requires a complete understanding of the limitations of the systems and how these systems will work together. The experienced design and engineering teams of LCG Facades can resolve these issues in the design phase resulting in better. more constructable building.