Field Operations

LCG Facades employs a full-time Quality Assurance Manager who inspects each project weekly, provides onsite first install guidance and first install testing. He is there to assist our already highly trained foreman in the step-by-step procedures that are required for a quality installation. In addition, we provide an in-house training program for all qualified field installers that have been recommended by the supervisor. Ongoing training is a hallmark of our company and part of what we do to accomplish our mission statement.

Field Installation
Our field crews are experienced, trained, and safety-minded individuals who are encouraged to find innovative ways of solving complicated installation scenarios. This problem solving “can-do” attitude is encouraged and has resulted in quality installations all over the Western United States.

Field Quality Assurance
The field team is familiar with all types of installation issues including interface solutions with other façade elements. LCG Facades enhances its quality assurance program through the use of training, video and 3D animations. This technology allows LCG Facades to build, modify and install faster and with a higher standard of quality.

Interface Solutions
The small space between one material and another can be the most important space on the project. Proper interface design requires a complete understanding of the limitations of the systems and how these substrates will work together. The experienced design and engineering teams of LCG Facades can resolve these issues in the design phase resulting in a better-constructed building.

Certified Weather Barrier installer
LCG Facades is a member of ABAAabaa  “Air-barrier Association of America”. We have several level 3 (the highest Level)  installers that work on our projects. Because LCG Facades installs so much “non-visible” wall with our metal panel, terracotta, ceramic tile and dimensioned stone products, it made sense to also manage the protective wall element that ties all of exterior building envelope together. We have experience in liquid applied as well as self-adhesive membranes, and have worked on projects that require special “low temperature” self-adhesive materials

LCG Facades is very proud of our safety record and we strive every day to ensure that all of our employees return home at the end of the day to enjoy their family and friends. To this end we are constantly training our personnel in the proper personal protective equipment, rigging, boom lift and fork lift operation, proper lanyard procedures as well as training in the OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour safety training.